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  Some of the most beautiful boats ever built were the classic varnished mahogany hulls of the 1930’s. These new mahogany runabouts are reminiscent of a classic Hacker, Ditchburn and Chris Craft, but with modern seamless epoxy construction and modern propulsion. Each boat is 15’ 11" long with a beam of 5' and is sold on a new trailer which will fit into an ordinary garage.  The hull form is a modified deep-V with a 17 degree deadrise that planes easily at 3000 rpm’s and provides a smooth comfortable ride. The hull is an epoxy/glass laminate with 3/16 mahogany planks set into epoxy. The boat has adequate foam flotation and there is a collision bulkhead in the bow. There are no sanding and refinishing worries as on the old mahogany boats. Moreover the mahogany planks were salvaged from the last remaining stock of the Higgins boat building company laid up to plank PT boats during WWII. This hand built boat gets admiring looks even when it’s being towed down the highway. In the water, it is stunning. Our shop operates under the manufacturer’s identification number VBS.