Each boat is put together on a steel rotisserie with the building jig framed in steel for precise alignment. Frames are ¼” okume reinforced with straight grain spruce and epoxy saturated.

The bottom is sheathed in two layers of 3/8” okume and the sides are sheathed in ¼” okume. Both sides and bottom are wrapped in 10 ounce E glass cloth heavily reinforced at the seams. Three layers of epoxy are applied followed by a 1/8” layer of epoxy fairing material

The entire construction is hand-faired until it is slick as steel.

Boat is turned over, foam is added between 4 engine stringers, between hull liner and hull and the forward compartment is foamed.

The Subaru engine is set into the single cockpit version.

The deck is made of 3/16” mahogany strips set into epoxy and spaced with tile spacers. Air driven nylon nails are shot into the deck planks and when dried their nylon heads are sanded off. This mahogany was salvaged from the last remaining supplies of the Higgins boat building yard laid up to plank PT boats during WWII. At wars end they went to a warehouse and 70 years later I found them and purchased it for these boats.

Rotissary in action.